Week 7 – Peer Commissioned Micro Project

I paired with fellow student, Sarah Smith. Sarah set me the following assignment:

From a starting location point which suits you, you will be going for a walk, this should take just over an hour.

walk for 1 minute –   take image with 7 items in it – max 1 shot

walk for 2 minutes – take image with 6 items in it – max 2 shots

walk for 3 minutes – take image with 5 items in it – 3 shots

walk for 4 minutes – take image with 4 items in it – 4 shots

walk for 5 minutes – take image with 3 items in it – 5 shots

walk for 6 minutes – take image with 2 items in it – 6 shots

walk for 7 minutes – take image with 1 item in it – 7 shots

You have max 5 minutes at every stop point.

You can choose a theme if you wish or just make random choices, let your instinctive responses to the environment take over, and see if a theme naturally arises.

Sarah told me to select seven images for my final presentation, pointing out that it was a controlled brief in terms of structure, but the location and photography would be my own instinctive reaction to the environment or space.

I was not a little concerned by the somewhat demanding logistics of this project, but fortunately clement weather and low tide on the beach at sunset enabled me to complete the project in accordance with the brief.

Here is a contact sheet showing the images I selected (seven groyne markers, six groyne posts, five white rocks, four houses, three people, two seagulls and one water spout!):




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