Surfaces and strategies – week 5

The course has shifted gear. Of the three recommended activities over the coming weeks (group exhibition, publication, workshop), my efforts will be concentrated on the production of a photo book, consisting either of images to be used in my final major project or of seascapes of the English Channel. The choice of subject will be decided in consultation with my tutor who has recommended Adobe Indesign as an appropriate software programme. Hitherto, I have used for my publications.

As for public display, a number of my African and Icelandic landscapes were the subject of a two-week exhibition at Oxford University Press three years ago. I have now been asked by a City of London legal firm to provide a number of large framed prints to enhance their client reception area, a large space to fill:



The prints will be recent images captured in the context of my final major project on Irish landscapes, specifically in this case landscapes associated with W. B. Yeats. A number of my other images (chiefly South American and Namibian landscapes) are hanging in the firm’s conference room.


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