Surfaces and strategies – week 7

This week I have completed work on the “42 states of the tide” project, using Adobe inDesign to create cover and end-pages:




On the subject of photobooks, I have watched (and been inspired by) the guest lectures of Cemre Yesil – particularly her “birdmen” project- and Victoria Forrest. Victoria offered many insights as to the formatting and design  of the photobook.

One of the other activities in the current module is the organisation of an exhibition. In this connection, following a commission, I have been overseeing the hanging of a number of my images in the new reception and conference areas of a City of London legal firm. The conference area is now complete with landscapes of Namibia, the Atacama desert and the American West (six framed images in total). They attract considerable interest from staff and clients:





The images for the reception area have arrived from  and will be hung next week. In contrast to the conference room images, those selected for the reception area will be Irish landscapes of a less dramatic nature, intended to create a calm and contemplative atmosphere:



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