Update – 11 June 2019

As anticipated in my earlier post, I travelled to Bristol on 4 June for a further meeting with Victoria Forrest. Also present at the meeting was a student on the MA Photography course at the University of the West of England who was undertaking “work shadow” experience in Victoria’s studio.

In the course of a meeting of several hours there was much discussion concerning the sequencing of images, in particular reconciling Victoria’s aesthetic approach with my desire for a sequence both chronological (i.e. following Heaney’s life) and geographical (i.e. in terms of location).

In the end, I believe a happy compromise has been reached and this is reflected in the latest edit which I have appended to this post. Further decisions have to be made and it is possible that one or two images may be omitted from the final edit. Otherwise, it remains for me to add captions to thumbnails of the images and find a suitable individual to write a short foreword.


Sequencing 1


Sequencing 2

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