Update – 25 July 2019

Verso has now printed and I am expecting to take delivery of 150 copies prior to the launch at Anise Gallery on 15 August. The reprographic process proved surprisingly complex, involving production of numerous test prints (and visits to Victoria Forrest’s studio in Bristol) before a pleasing and consistent colour palette could be achieved.

Simultaneously, I arranged production via Metro Imaging in Clerkenwell of eight Foamex-backed 36 x 24″ C-prints for display at the gallery.

L1009537Anise 1
Pre- publication dummy
Anise Gallery
Interior view of gallery (1)
Interior view of gallery (2)

The MA course is nearing completion. My critical review of practice is now largely complete. Over the remaining weeks, I will be working on the final major project submission (an interactive PDF documenting the project) and preparing for the launch.

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