Week 6 – live presentation

My draft presentation on the landscape of literature was reviewed by Jesse and Stella - clearly, much work to be done before final submission. Part of the week was spent in Northern Ireland, specifically the Seamus Heaney country in County Londonderry. A report of this visit will be found in the  Major Project section of … Continue reading Week 6 – live presentation

Week 4 – Collaboration

    An image I captured of a Japanese wedding couple being photographed on the Millennium Bridge over the River Thames prompted me to suggest a collaborative theme on how people interact with bridges. The idea was taken up with enthusiasm by two fellow students and together we produced two triptychs, one of solitary figures … Continue reading Week 4 – Collaboration

Week 2 – interdisciplinary approaches

    The literary landscape - some random reflections   Seamus Heaney, the Northern Irish poet refers to, “this feeling, assenting, equable marriage between the geographical country and the country of the mind …” (The Sense of Place in Preoccupations (1980)).   My particular photographic interest is landscape (or perhaps more accurately topography) as it … Continue reading Week 2 – interdisciplinary approaches

Week 1 – the global image

  Two Walls In  recent years, I have had the opportunity to visit several countries in the Middle East (Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia). The title of this post refers to two walls less than 10 kilometres apart - the first being the Wailing Wall beneath the Temple Mount (Haram al-Sharif) in Jerusalem, the second a section of … Continue reading Week 1 – the global image


I was pleased to start my Falmouth MA Photography course with the "face-to-face" event in Amsterdam. This gave the opportunity of meeting teaching staff and fellow students as well as attending a number of exhibitions, the Jamie Hawkesworth exhibition at the Huis Marseille being perhaps the highlight. The glorious early autumn weather provided ideal photographic … Continue reading Amsterdam