Surfaces and strategies – weeks 10 and 11

I have devoted much time and thought to finalising the oral presentation (which I have recorded and re-recorded several times) as well as the selection and sequencing of the images for the work-in-progress portfolio. In order to give context to the images, I have now added titles, in most cases brief quotations from the poets' … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – weeks 10 and 11

Surfaces and strategies – week 9

A busy week, preparing a draft oral presentation for review prior to submission later in the month. I also undertook further work on the selection, editing and sequencing of the work in progress portfolio. On this occasion, the draft presentation and work in progress were reviewed by Stella Baraklianou with whom I had scheduled a … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 9

Surfaces and strategies – week 8

Much of this week has been taken up with background study in preparation for the video presentation to be submitted as one of the assignments in the current module. My presentation will largely focus on the methodology for production of a photo book on landscapes associated with two Irish poets. As readers of this journal … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 8

Surfaces and strategies – week 7

This week I have completed work on the "42 states of the tide" project, using Adobe inDesign to create cover and end-pages: On the subject of photobooks, I have watched (and been inspired by) the guest lectures of Cemre Yesil - particularly her "birdmen" project- and Victoria Forrest. Victoria offered many insights as to the … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 7

Surfaces and strategies – week 6

This week I have concentrated on the design and production of a “dummy” book. By way of preliminary research, I purchased and am reading Jörg Colberg’s “Understanding Photo Books”. I decided to take as the basis for my project the 42 images of the changing tide as reported earlier in this CRJ (see Surfaces and … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 6

Surfaces and strategies – week 5

The course has shifted gear. Of the three recommended activities over the coming weeks (group exhibition, publication, workshop), my efforts will be concentrated on the production of a photo book, consisting either of images to be used in my final major project or of seascapes of the English Channel. The choice of subject will be … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 5

Surfaces and strategies – week 4

This week’s presentations encouraged a subversive approach to photography – images captured without human agency, images harvested from the internet to create virtual travelogues, images of soldiers lifted from computer games, the use of cameras in novel ways to create unexpected or random outcomes. In the face-to-face weekend in Amsterdam last September, we were assigned … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 4

Surfaces and strategies – week 3

As a landscape photographer, generally working alone, collaboration rarely enters into my practice. However, in the course of my project on Irish poets, I have been grateful to local people for directing me to appropriate sites, as well as for providing insights, anecdotes and general background, all of which have greatly assisted in the realisation … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – week 3