Photography and literature

As my major project concerns two literary figures – albeit in relation to the landscapes with which they are associated rather than their works – I feel it is appropriate to give a short historical account of the relationship between photography and literature. That a link between the two genres has always existed is perhaps … Continue reading Photography and literature


In my earlier post in this module, I referred to my visit to Hitler’s “Wolfschanze” in East Prussia (now Poland) and included a number of images of the ruins of this historically important site. On the theme of the marks of  conflict I was particularly interested in Simon Norfolk’s project Afghanistan: Chronotopia: Norfolk sees … Continue reading Chronotopia

Sustainable prospects: weeks 1-6

My apologies for the long hiatus in updating this journal. Since mid-September, I have been travelling continuously: first on a road-trip with a military historian friend to eastern parts of Europe (Berlin, Gdansk, Warmia-Masuria, Wroclaw, Dresden),  roughly tracing in reverse the Russian advance on Berlin in 1945; secondly, to Australia (Perth, then to Sydney by … Continue reading Sustainable prospects: weeks 1-6