Update -17 August 2019: publication of Verso, launch and exhibition

The first copies of the book were delivered from the printers on 13 August in time for the launch and exhibition at Anise Gallery, London on 15 August. Some images from Verso are posted below. and the following link will take you to a PDF of the complete book: Verso           The … Continue reading Update -17 August 2019: publication of Verso, launch and exhibition

Update – 5 July 2019

  Verso is rapidly approaching the point of printing and publication. The final design has been agreed (including thumbnails and captions). I have written a short afterword and a distinguished professional colleague (and Heaney-lover) from Dublin has kindly contributed a foreword. As for reprographics, two sets of image-proofs have been produced and there will be … Continue reading Update – 5 July 2019

Sustainable prospects: weeks 7-11

For the reasons mentioned in an earlier post, my resolutely non-commercial approach has made it difficult for me fully to engage with the topics in this module. However, I have enjoyed a number of the the presentations which have provided interesting insights into the world of advertising, the fine-art market and social media. The five … Continue reading Sustainable prospects: weeks 7-11

Some thoughts on other photographers

I have reported elsewhere in this journal on my recent visit to Ireland, undertaken  in furtherance of my final major project:  Second visit to Yeats country This entry concerns some of the photographers who may, consciously or otherwise, have influenced my approach to photographing the Irish landscape. Jem Southam – his sequence “The River – Winter” … Continue reading Some thoughts on other photographers

Photography and literature

As my major project concerns two literary figures – albeit in relation to the landscapes with which they are associated rather than their works – I feel it is appropriate to give a short historical account of the relationship between photography and literature. That a link between the two genres has always existed is perhaps … Continue reading Photography and literature

Surfaces and strategies – weeks 10 and 11

I have devoted much time and thought to finalising the oral presentation (which I have recorded and re-recorded several times) as well as the selection and sequencing of the images for the work-in-progress portfolio. In order to give context to the images, I have now added titles, in most cases brief quotations from the poets' … Continue reading Surfaces and strategies – weeks 10 and 11